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We dip into the Netherlands for a quick afternoon show then walk along the Maas river to our accomodations, on a boat. A little hotel on a boat. We were down in the hold in a small room with a porthole window. The toilet and the shower were one and the same.

Then back to Germany for a show in Munster. Nice short drives, Europe is good that way. We make our way back to the Netherlands for a show in Groningen at an Irish pub. A very warm welcome from the owner Peter, then a sound check and off to his home for dinner. The Mahones played the night before, so we hang out with them at the house before our show. Special thanks to Evy and Peter for the kind hospitality!

Next day I say goodbye to Nadja till Hamburg, and it’s on the train to Utrecht for a show at New Ground Studios. I am picked up at the train station by Wouter and two bicycles. Everyone rides bikes here, there are bike lanes everywhere, and it is wonderful. Wouter and Marc have a lovely recording studio. We have a nice dinner, do a sound check, and people fill up the room. Very good show, the audience is very attentive and the show is recorded and videotaped. The next day there is an evening picnic by the canal. It’s a warm night, and boats purr up and down the waterway. A duck and her ducklings float by. This is a beautiful city, and my time here has been one of the best of the tour. Thanks to Wouter and Marten and everyone who made me feel at home.


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Back to King Georg, one of the most unique venues I’ve ever played. A former brothel and gambling den in the center of the city, it still has remnants of its underworld history. Dark wood panelling, a chandelier, red lights, booths, and a center bar. We stay upstairs in a room with an Eighties theme. This is another good show in my opinion, very attentive crowd. Nadja and I do a couple songs together again, and it sounds lovely. Then a couple drinks and hanging out while the dj spins records and the late night people fill up the place. It gets very smoke-filled, time for bed. Thanks to Andre for having me again, you are a gem and so is your place.

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Wiesbaden, Oberhausen

We meet Matthias the promoter and his girlfriend Micah at their place and have a big salad, which is exactly what i need. The show is the next evening so we have the following day to get some things done. Do some laundry, buy some pants. Very exciting. Wiesbaden is a beautiful city. Lots of nice old buildings. The show is in a really nice venue and goes off well. The bartender is very intent on getting us drunk, and he is successful. The first time on this tour, really. The next day we pay for it. Matthias and Micah are so kind letting us stay in their flat, hanging out with us and feeding us heathy food, we are so grateful. Time to go again. Today to Oberhausen to see a friend, Hans of Jellyfant Records. We have the best dinner of the tour, Arabian food, and a really nice time with Hans and his friend Manuela. We listen to some music before bed, The Residents. Thanks, Hans! We are so lucky to meet such wonderful, generous folks on the road.

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Munich, Germany

A bit of a long drive but we have some good music to listen to. We arrive finally to the best venue yet run by a kind man named Geert who is a true music lover. Nice sound and room and greek salad with spring rolls. This is a really good gig. Late night drive to Geert’s 1800’s farm in the countryside to sleep in luxury next to a piano. Have a really excellent German beer before bed. This place is amazing, a real paradise. In the morning some piano twinkles, a lovely breakfast then stroll through the forest and meadow around the house. Ducks that walk in a row and Icelandic horses, a mule. Listen to some records in the attic. Best time of the tour so far, thanks Geert!!

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The venue is in a revitalized industrial area, very nice, with lots of artifacts around. Really good coffee and food, so important. A nice small show with kind people. Nadja does a lovely set. Many thanks to the nice staff and Andre the promoter who is a good man and looks after us well. A good end to the Swiss shows. The next day we visit a junk shop then hit the road bound for Germany, but not before buying Swiss chocolate. We must cross into Austria for a short time, driving right past the border guards without stopping. They didn’t chase us. A lovely drive through the mountains and woods, then we are in Deustchland. It has gotten very cold.

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Luzern, Basel

Short drives in Switzerland, such a small country. Luzern is a beautiful city at the foot of the Swiss Alps and is very popular with tourists. Rugged mountains all around, and a large lake with many swans. We find the venue and relax a bit before going to the radio station for a last-minute promo spot. Then a nice dinner (thanks Nathalie!) and we play. Nadja and I play two songs together and it is fun. The crowd is slim but we make the best of it. The next day we hang out by the lake for a while. On the way to Basel we take the back roads through the countryside again. Deep green rolling hills, small villages, and lots of cows and horses. Everything is in bloom and the air is sweet. Large hawks circling overhead. We’ve been having lovely weather, over 25 degrees and sunny most days. We arrive in Basel a little tired, the kind folks at the venue prepare a great dinner and I eat a little too much. The room is old with hardwood floors and sounds very good. I think i played very well tonight, and the audience is quiet and attentive, which helps. Then some late night Yaghtzee, and to bed.

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Just Like Hollywood

Our newest ep, the final volume in the series, has just been released. It is called Just Like Hollywood and you can check it out here. Thanks to everyone who supported us through this wonderful project! All ep’s, as well as our debut full-length The Wild, can be streamed on our Bandcamp page, and Vol. 3 and 4 are available as free downloads.

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