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Photo: Howard Linton

I have a day off in Zurich before the show, so traveling is relaxed. A nice private hotel room is a luxury tonight. The next day will be the first gig of about 14 with Nadja aka Binoculers of Hamburg, whom I met on my first Euro tour. I spend a few hours in a wonderful Swiss history museum near the main station. The venue tonight is the Cafe Henrici, in the tourist district of the city. Posh shops and cafes. This is a good gig, despite the noisy crowd. Our host Tito takes very good care of us and we are grateful. The next day we decide to spend some time in the Swiss countryside. We find a large lake and spend the afternoon with ducks, swans and songbirds, then go to a local bar for Pomme-Frite.


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Lyon, Strasbourg

Lyon is a beautiful city. Here I play the first of two shows with Mohna, of Hamburg. The venue is a small cozy bar and the audience is very quiet. I am happy with my set and Mohna and her band are quite wonderful, very sweet people. We stay in a big house outside of town and have tea in the kitchen before bed. Thank-you Clare! A walk in the sprawling garden the next morning then it’s time to go again. Mohna invites me to travel with them in their van for the 4.5 hr drive to Strasbourg. Merci! Strasbourg is also a beautiful town, and after a bit of searching we find the venue and get ready for this early show. Very packed bar, nice crowd too. I think i played very well. I have a few shows under my belt now, and getting into the groove of things. Many new songs to play from the EP series. I have yet to use the Big Muff distortion yet, though. Incredible Lebanese dinner at the home of Jeremie, our kind host. The next day i say farewell to my new friends and we promise to meet in Hamburg at the end of the month.

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From the train I walk through Tours and sit awhile by the river on a warm day. It is springtime in Europe. Salon Nyctalope is the most peculiar venue i have ever played. From the street into a narrow alleyway, duck through a small door fit for a hobbit, down crooked stairs and emerge into a cave-like tiny basement bar made of stone. Very nice vibe and good people. Bertrand is the proprietor and also a woodworker. A good dinner upstairs. Thanks guys! I played in the corner with a small pa for an attentive, kind audience and it was quite excellent. This place is gem. Later, a dog comes down the stairs to hang out with us, as the door is locked and a private party ensues.

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Paris, Lille, Paris

Air France gets my vote. They didn’t blink an eye as i toted my guitar as a second carry-on. Very good dinner, too. I watched The American, which was a bit of a bore, save for the wonderful cinematography. A quick and painless flight gets me to Paris at about 9am. I am very wiped out but can’t check into my hotel till 2, so I wander the streets of this magnificent but maniacal city in a bit of a daze. Finally some sleep, then I meet my friend Yan, who happens to be in town from Lille, and his lovely girlfriend Rachel for a drink. The next morning we drive to Lille for the first show. Peekaboo is a great little bar, very colourful and comfy. Yan, aka Nehan, does a great opening set then I do my thing. The crowd is a little noisy so i feel no pressure and am allowed to lose myself in the songs, some of which I am playing live for the first time. All in all a great gig and the next day it’s back to Paris for a show at a great new venue called L’International. Good room, good sound. I hang out with French booker Nicolas, which is always nice. Accomodations are in a large, beautiful old apartment near Place de Clichy, thanks Rachel!

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