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To the neighbourhood of Neukolln, Tobin is letting me stay for a couple nights while i find a flat for the month. We go to Gorlitzer park and sit in the sun for a while. There are people everywhere, dogs, a kid playing a drumset. This city is so alive, it’s inspiring. On day two i find a wonderful apartment to rent, it happens quick and easy and the keys are in my hand. Finally a place of my own for a while. A few days of much needed rest then a wonderful gig at Gruner Salon with good friend Bjorn Kleinhenz. What a great night! Bjorn’s band sound really great, violin and accordion. The nicest venue I’ve played in Europe, it is the former bar/reception room of a large 1920’s theatre building. So beautiful. Thanks to Melissa for putting this show on.

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I love this city. I head to the quarter of St. Pauli near the Reeperbahn and go to a cafe for espresso and quiche. Then meet up with Nadja and Daniel (thanks for letting me stay!), sit on the balcony, eat some food, and out for a walk before bed. The next day i explore the city a bit and visit the Hamburg Historical Museum. Then to the gig at the lovely Hasenshaukel, a venue I played last year. This is a great night. Very nice to see Mohna and her band again, then i head with them to a bar by the canal. Stay in the band apartment, very comfy. Next morning i buy a super 8 camera from a second-hand shop in St. Pauli, and head for the train to Berlin.

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Back in Germany again, and I get to see my friends Andi and Chris. The gig is in a cozy bar in Nordstadt. I have a sore throat, and the cigarette smoke isn’t helping much, but i play a pretty good set. The next day we go for a big bike ride through the extensive park system, then to visit a very old abandoned factory by a river. We walk through the decaying ruins for a while. A nice day in the sun.

Easy train ride today. Kiel is in the north of Germany on the Baltic sea. I am welcomed into the venue by Willy the owner, who runs a real music place that i’ve heard good things about. Slim crowd tonight but i meet a nice young couple who really enjoy the show. Sleep in the venue on a couch.

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