Caroline, Maybe

I bought the company
I bought the stock
They whispered in my ear:
“We’re gonna bust off the locks tonight!”

You were a sailor in a past life
All blustery blue and white
In the conscription of a land
I was under your command
On the deck I got lost in the horizon
Counting the gulls

Caroline, maybe
The world does not end at the shore
I heard you crying out for more
Down in the navy yard
The boys play their cards till the whistle blows
Then we’ve all got to go


I never lost you
I went far away I wandered out
I went alone
I came across you
On the coast we played
But one day you will never know
It was the only line that we could get to you

I stood and watched
From a distance I could see
The end was coming slow
I paid a cost
When you found the places
One day you were set to go
It was the only line that we could get to you

On the road
I’m on the run
Keep a place warm
In the rain storm
There will always be a sun to come
And the only lines that show
Will leave a trace of you
You’re never far I know

Just Like Hollywood

Shadows on the wall
Brake lights
I came to call
Just like Hollywood
I drive
You want to sleep in the car

Blacked out
You’re the star
I tried but never broke far
Brown eyes lookin’ back
Through me
It never could come back

Just like Hollywood
And lookin’ good
I live for the lights
Come call
I could be yours tonight

Wet streets
Come alive
You lead
I flub my lines
Tell me it’s alright
Bad dream
You want to say your goodbye

Don’t cry
Don’t you start
I’m dry
I tore this place apart
No words
Not a lie
Back seat
You slept all through the night

Quadrant Number 9

I was escaped from Quadrant Number 9
I fell in love with a girl on the island
She was apache and my righteous sole cure
I did the drive
I relapsed
I made sure

We are here to win or not to make the team
I lost my suspicion in a black leather scene
Tried to be curio I tried to stay taut
There is a place we can meet for the night

Down in the well I hung high sheets of gold
Drink and we dance all the revelers know
Tried to forget you my cold water pet
Rise on the bright side and never know hip
She was a pale face
With a nest out to the west
I went but I confess

I was on the outside
Lookin’ in
Say the word to stay alive
I was on the outside
Lookin’ in
Sugar won’t you stay the night?

I threw the dice and I rose with a jack
She set her sights on a queen comeback
I held her ransom with an ace bleedin’ red
She’s gonna raise my bet

I was on the outside
Lookin’ in
Oh I come to stay alive
I was on the outside
Lookin’ in
Sugar won’t you stay the night?

I Can See Your Bones

It only lets up
If you know how to speak to it
In heart’s broken tones
I hardly even recognize
You pull me outside
You and me and the skeleton trees
I can see your bones

Your ponderous lips
I even wait up for you
I cracked my guitar
It’s all that you are
You pull me outside
You and me and the shouters
I can see your bones

Carnival Girl

The ventriloquist cries, “hooray!”
For the bedlam in the streets
But I’ve got a fleeting heart
Gonna ride you out
Twisted sticks on fire
In vacant lots we throw them to the sky
And goodbye all to riches
Way spaced out again I’m lockin’ down

On the fairground we play
We’ll meet again here one day by the sea
I could drink it up
Won’t you sift it out and pour it into me
You were won on horses
Skinny girl like horses run
Wild and free
In the glow of a meteor show
I want to pour you into me

Nobody Sings You Goodnight

Nobody sings you goodnight
The shadow did not follow you home
There is no moon in the sky talking back to you
There is no wind it has blown

Come close now and see
What I brought home for you and me
Thought it was lost

Nobody sings you goodnight
The sequence of stars disappeared
Rain comes in sheets
To swallow the streets
Leave the window wide open
I want to hear it fall

Come close now and touch
The sparrow that landed for us
And when you awake
Maybe clouds will break
We’ll go walking again

Real Live Cowboy

A real live cowboy
Of the western plain
Comes to the ridge to make his name

A real live cowboy on the run
Bound your soul to be hung

Can you feel it in your bones

A real live cowboy
You will never tame
Come to the ridge
Take him on

Can you feel it in your bones
You will lie awake and moan
Take him on

Forest Fires

We met by fault of engineers
Outdated technology berated by the years
I was a king among men
Sleeping on floors now and then

The white-washed maiden ran
To the forest fires naked in your head
Tearing pages from the trees
A typographic mess to read before bed
Under your covers of lead

Guns will blaze
And on top of it all you want out of this empirical arrangement
In the heat of the flame
Horses out of the stall
They love the rain
Above you all

We curse the flowers first for growing
Then for dying in the sun
Will we ever really hear
How this west was won

The Long Grass

In the long grass
We all had names
Drinking from hands in the rain
There you go again
Raising the bar on me
And high-jumpers beg for tranquility
In the long grass

You stood up fast
A head rush your veins pushing the blood to your brain
You are alone again
Run up the stairs to see
She ended out on a coral reef

It was your maiden voyage home
We roamed the take-off strip
In debt to useless names
In the valley of corpses they all had names
And what was gifted and stolen cannot be returned
No matter how hot they burn
The long grass

If there is a star on fire up above
Can you light me up
If there is a star the charts were not wrong
And you light me up
All while the band played on
Eclipsed by the sun
And that’s when I nearly explode
When you light me up


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