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I could learn alot from this fuzzy little one. He/she was born in the eavestrough outside my window. It won’t be long ’till there are pensive steps onto the roof and a hop and flap into the air.

We are playing a few shows in October with a wonderful band from Montreal called Adam and the Amethysts. They have an excellent new album coming out on Kelp Records. It will be good to get out there again. Check the tour page for details if you wish.

A friend moved a large old church organ and two mammoth speakers into our studio recently. When this thing is fired up, the smell of wood and oil and tubes burning fills the air, as does the roar, thump, and howl of this ancient beast. No longer confined to the stuffy, muted surroundings from which she came, she is helping us make an instrumental soundtrack album for a film that does not exist. We should have it finished by xmas, then it’s back to work on the songs we started writing in Berlin for the next Pink Moth full-length.


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